Yangsi Rinpoche Enthronement: Schedule of Ceremonies Updated

June 16th, 2014
Palyul in Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan

Palyul in Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan

All of the following programs take place in Palyul Monastery (Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan). Actual enthronement ceremony is on 31 July.

Monday 28th July
– Yangsi Rinpoche arrives at Palyul Monastery

Tuesday 29th July
– Longlife Buddha puja and tsok offering

Wednesday 30th July
– Dharma discourse and debate by Shedra student

Thursday 31st July
– Main Event: Enthronement ceremony

Friday 1st August
– Enthronement ceremony (continued)

Saturday 2nd August
– Entertainment with traditional dances by local people

Yangsi Rinpoche Enthronement Information

May 29th, 2014

Dear friends,
We are so happy that some of you have decided to visit Palyul Monastery and thought to send along some advice for your journey. The best plan is to go with a local tour company, if you can arrange it at the right time, as such tour groups are best suited to making all arrangements for your enjoyable stay. We look forward to seeing you!

Enthronement Ceremony
July 31 *only*

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Long Life Practice Announcement – Offering For Yangsi

May 11th, 2014

yangsi_rinpoche_thumbTo all the dear students of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche, monasteries related to Namdroling Monastery, dharma centers, organizations, Khenpos, Tulkus, Lamas, Lopons, and ordained and lay devotees around the globe:

As you all are well aware, on the fourth day of the sixth Tibetan month (31 July 2014), the Yangsi (reincarnation) of our beloved guru, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche, will be enthroned upon the fearless and majestic golden lion throne with an auspicious grand ceremony at Palyul Monastery, Tibet. We believe that this enthronement ceremony is a historic moment for all the students of His Holiness, an extremely auspicious occasion that will never happen again.

His Holiness had dedicated his entire life for the benefit of all sentient beings and the Buddha’s teachings in general and, particularly, to his tireless and unfathomable activities to benefit us, the students, in all aspects, temporal and ultimate; on all levels, individual and community, they were outstanding, all-encompassing, and phenomenal. The great kindness that springs from his vast compassion cannot be repaid even if we were to fill the entire three thousandfold world system with gold. However, in order to gather the two accumulations and also as an auspicious circumstance for our Yangsi Rinpoche’s precious life to remain firm for a hundred kalpas for the benefit of all sentient beings and the teachings, as well as to ensure that all his noble aspirations will be fulfilled without any hindrance, and specifically, since the enthronement ceremony will be the first enlightened activity of Yangsi Rinpoche, it is the utmost responsibility of all the students of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche—the Palyul Namdroling mandala worldwide—to make a Grand Tenshug (long life offering) with great joy, faith, and enthusiasm as this will open up the door to unlimited opportunities of auspiciousness for all.

Therefore, we request all the students throughout the world who want to make a contribution for the tenshug to kindly contact the Tenshug Organizing Committee.
For all the faculty members of the Namdroling Administration Office,
Namdroling Monastery

Contact :

The Tenshug Committee Members

Vice-President +91-9980881666
Treasurer +91-9880403395 India +977-9813082277
Secretary +91-9731408698
E- Mail : namdrolingoffice@gmail.com

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